PostPanic, 2017

From the PostPanic website:

“Our future is full of bold ideas, but none so bold as the idea that we may not have one.” - Unknown

Year unknown. Population Zero. Welcome to LOST BOY.

LOST BOY is an ambitious sci-fi concept heavily influenced by the American action classics and Japanese samurai films. LOST BOY is sure to instantly capture viewers with its highly visual and unparalleled sci-fi world.

The idea of LOST BOY was born years back by Ash Thorp’s passion for sketching out these unique characters and scenarios, which quickly gained a huge fan base. Once Anthony Scott Burns and Ash Thorp joined together for collaborative efforts on LOST BOY, it further evolved with a fascinating storyline and uncompromising vision of society’s far distant future sure to surprise audiences.

Directed by Ash Thorp and Anthony Scott Burns and produced by PostPanic Pictures, this LOST BOY concept short lays down the gauntlet once again by showcasing the creative ambitions of Hollywood’s next generation of storytellers.


I received a concept art piece together with this shot. It had the mood and silhouettes of the objects set. It was up to me to push this shot to a believable degree.

In the beginning of developing this shot we built an asset library of pillars which we then used in each shot to speed up our process. However, after placing them in each shot they had to be heavily adjusted to fit the viewing angle of the specific shot.

The hill on which the pillars are placed on are a 3D scanned shape of the original

I was responsible for the visors in the shots above. The shaders were already built, but they had to work for every angle, so the shaders were adjusted according to the angle presented. I tracked and placed the visor in 3D according to set data and I fixed the small mistakes it would have in comp.

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